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Bundaberg Towing

TOW is the leading provider of Bundaberg towing services, with a large fleet of reliable tow trucks on hand to come to your rescue after a breakdown or car accident. We operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year, because we know roadside emergencies always happen at the most unexpected times and that’s when you’ll need a towing company you can depend on.

We service the entire Bundaberg area, from the Golf Course to Norville Park and everywhere in between. We’ll get your car off the road safely and as quickly as possible, and to the location of your choice. Our trained and licensed tow truck drivers willarrive at your location within an hour of your call and in 30 minutes or less if you’re in a metro area, and can tow your vehicle any distance.

The rapidly-growing Bundaberg region is a major city centre in Queensland, located on the Burnett River and currently supporting more than 93 000 local residents. Known as the Southern Gateway to the Great Barrier Reef, the city is a popular holiday destination for visitors from around Australia as well as international tourists. The local roads are becoming steadily more congested as the population grows and more visitors flock to the area, which leads to busier roads and a rising number of car accidents every year.

So when you’re stranded after a car accident, or stuck by the side of the road with a car that won’t start, our Bundaberg towing services are on hand to get you to where you need to go. Our call centre is available 24 hours a day to dispatch a tow truck to your location, whenever and wherever you need us!

Bundaberg Towing Services

We provide 24/7 assistance for roadside emergencies as well as a range of reliable and affordable commercial and trade transport options. Our extensive towing services include:

Car and Motorcycle Breakdown Towing at any time of the day or night, to get you and your vehicle off the road as fast as possible. We can tow your vehicle to your mechanic’s workshop or another location so you can have it looked at right away, or if you don’t have a location in mind we can take it to our nearby holding yard where it will be securely stored until you pick it up.

Machinery and Forklift Towing to transport all types of heavy trade machinery between worksites, and keep your work on schedule.

Accident and Smash Towing to quickly remove your vehicle from the scene of an accident or smash, and get it to a safe location of your choice. All our tow truck drivers and sub-contractors are extensively trained in the correct procedures for removing damaged vehicles, which includes preparing them for towing in a way that will not add to the damage, and cleaning up the accident site afterwards.

Container Towing for all sized containers, sheds, portable utilities and towable buildings between worksites.

Carpark Towing from any difficult access carpark, including undercover and restricted access carparks.

Abandoned Vehicle Towing in the Bundaberg region, to remove potentially dangerous hazards from public areas. You can report an abandoned vehicle in the Bundaberg area by contacting council online or by calling 1300 833 699.

Transport and Car Freight for commercial or personal requirements. We can safely transport single and multiple vehicles between locations if you aren’t able to move them yourself.

Trade Towing between worksites and other locations. We can transport all types of trade equipment, and heavy and fragile machinery.

Car and Motorcycle Transport between work, residential and commercial locations with our round the clock service.

Our Fleet and Depot in Bundaberg

TOW operates a fleet of 7 regularly serviced and maintained tow trucks in and around the Bundaberg region, with the capability of towing any type of vehicle or trade equipment up to 22 tonnes in size and weight. We hold only modern and reliable trucks in our fleet to ensure their high performance, with their years of manufacturing ranging between 1989 and 2013.

Our Bundaberg towing depot and holding yard is centrally located for easy access from anywhere in the region. If you need us to store your vehicle, it will be kept in our holding yard in a clean, secure site until you organise its pick up. Our holding yard can securely store up to 50 vehicles, and is located at 10 Duffy St, Millbank.

The Worst Roads in Bundaberg

Bundaberg has a number of local roads where congestion and car accidents are common, due to either dangerous driving or poor quality roads. We strongly advise all drivers in the area to take care when travelling these routes. Avoid taking risks, follow all speed limits and road rules, and be aware and considerate of other drivers sharing the road with you.

Rosedale Road through Bundaberg and Avondale is notorious for traffic crashes, with many drivers frequently speeding and driving dangerously. The road has a number of blind crests, narrow bridges and rough road edges. While heavy policing of the road has decreased the number of car accidents over the years, drivers should still be careful when travelling this road and drive safely.

RACQ’s most recent Unworthy Roads Survey has named a number of local Bundaberg roads as having poor quality surfaces, limited visibility, poor road shoulders and hazardous roadside objects. These roads include Gahans Road, Fairymead Road, Bundaberg-Lowmead Road, Cummins Road, Ten Mile Road and Woodward Road.

TOW advises all drivers to be aware of these poor road conditions when travelling these routes, and avoid serious car accidents and crashes by driving to suit their conditions.

Sugar Cane Season

Bundaberg is a major player in the local sugar industry, and during the sugar cane harvesting season in the second half of the year, drivers must share the roads with cane haul out trucks, b-double trucks and cane harvesters. Not only does this make the road conditions more dangerous for small vehicles travelling alongside them, but it also increases travel time as these large trucks drive very slowly. It is important that you make allowances for these changes when travelling your usual routes.

The harvesters and trucks operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week during cane harvesting season and drivers must be aware that their large size affects how quickly they can stop and manoeuvre around other vehicles. Fatal crashes have occurred in the past involving cane harvesters and local drivers, and it is critical that during the cane harvesting season of July to November you always:

- Be patient and don’t overtake a slow moving truck until it is safe to do so

- Slow down when approaching the crest of a hill in sugar cane areas

- Approach cane railway crossings with caution, especially when visibility is limited

Sugar Cane Area

Bundaberg Black Spot Road Improvement Projects

As part of the national Black Spot Programme, the Federal Government has allocated $563,000 in funding towards improving 4 dangerous local roads in the Bundaberg region, to help reduce road trauma and save lives. These improvements will include:

Burnett Heads Road and Mittleheusers Road at Burnett Heads will receive $200 000 to realign the intersection to a staggered T-junction formation, and install right turn lanes.

Burnett Street and Targo Street at Bundaberg South will receive $180 000 to install medians with additional stop signs, kerb blisters and pram ramps, as well as upgrade line markings.

Elliott Heads Road and Hummock Road at Windermere will receive $105 000 to widen the approaches, install painted medians with raised reflective pavement markers, improve line markings and road signage, and upgrade lighting and culverts.

Windermere Road and Hummock Road at Windermere will receive $78 000 to also widen the approaches, install painted medians with raised reflective pavement markers, improve line markings and road signage, and upgrade lighting and culverts.

While these upgrades will make Bundaberg roads much safer for local drivers, we advise you to continue to drive safely along these routes and take extra care while the improvements are being made.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will the tow truck look like? Our tow trucks vary in their appearance. Some of them will have our Tow.com.au branding and stickers on them, and some will not. Our drivers will always make themselves known to you when they arrive at your location.

How can I pay for my tow? Our towing services must be prepaid at the time of booking with a credit or debit card. Unfortunately for your security and the security of our drivers, we are unable to accept cash payments.

Can I cancel a tow after I have booked it? Yes, you can cancel your towing service at any time up until we have dispatched the tow truck. However once the truck has been dispatched, the tow cannot be cancelled.

For more information about our Bundaberg towing services and state-wide towing, have a look at the rest of ourFAQ’s. If we haven’t answered your question, contact our 24 hour call centre or send us a message.

Our Bundaberg local tow truck fleet

Tow connects you to local drivers with a fleet of tow trucks in and near Bundaberg.

About Bundaberg

Bundaberg belongs to the Bundaberg Regional Council.

The council supports 93,348 residents, with a median age of 43.2

Bundaberg Towing Services

  • Car Towing
  • Accident Towing
  • Smash Towing
  • Breakdown Towing
  • Local Towing
  • Cheap Towing
  • Motorcycle Towing
  • Carpark Towing
  • Transport & Car Freight
  • Trade Towing
  • Emergency Towing

Bundaberg towing depots

Tow has access to a number of towing depots and holding yards close to Bundaberg operated by our local tow truck driver partners.

These holding yards can securely store towed vehicles, or we can tow vehicles directly to a chosen repairer.

Oakwood, QLD 4670

Recent tows in or near Bundaberg

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