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Towing Adelaide

When it comes to tow truck Adelaide services, there’s no question that TOW should be your first choice. TOW is the leading provider of towing Adelaide wide, even servicing areas that are kilometres away from the city centre. We have a fleet of trucks suited for almost any type of towing activity, whether you need to tow your car or transport heavy equipment and machinery.

As the number 1 tow truck Adelaide service, we’re committed to assist you at any time and place. TOW’s 24/7 operations guarantees that you’ll always get the assistance you need no matter what time and day it is. At TOW, we know that accidents can happen at any time. That’s why we’re always ready to assist you, being available around the clock every day of the year. Weekday or weekend, holiday or not, TOW will always be there when you need us.

As part of our commitment to providing the best towing Adelaide wide, we also see to it that you get assistance as soon as you can, no matter where you may be. In most cases, you can expect one of our trucks to be at your location within an hour of calling our service. This means less waiting time – and less worrying – whenever you need help.

With our call centre ready to assist you 24 hours a day, you can stay confident driving around Adelaide whatever time of day it is. We’ll always be there to assist you, and you can count on us to get the service you need as soon as you can.

Our Fleet of Trucks

To ensure that we cover the entire region of Adelaide, TOW operates a fleet of 12 tow trucks within kilometres of the city centre. That way, we’ll be able to reach you wherever in Adelaide you may be.

We know that the condition of our trucks is also important, and we see to it that our trucks are always capable of handling today’s towing activities and demands. In fact, the oldest tow truck in our fleet was manufactured in 1985 and the newest one in 2010, so you can rest assured that our trucks are all modern and capable of handling any towing job. Our fleet is also capable of towing vehicles and equipment up to 22 tonnes in size – no small feat for any standard tow truck.

Towing Depots

TOW has 6 towing depots and holding yards just outside of the city. These depots are situated around Adelaide to ensure that you get coverage throughout the region. You’ll find our depots and holding yards in the following locations:

  • Gillman, SA 5015
  • Hope Valley, SA 5090
  • Outer Harbor, SA 5018
  • Burton, SA 5110
  • Nairne, SA 5252
  • Evanston South, SA 5116

It’s also worth noting that our holding yards can securely store up to 116 vehicles, so you know there’s more than enough room for your vehicle if you need it stored somewhere for some time.

Towing Services

We’re the leading tow truck Adelaide service for a reason: we provide an extensive range of towing activities in and around the city. No matter what type of towing service you need, we’ll be able to provide it. Here’s what we offer:

  • Car Towing – car towing is one of the most common activities we provide in Adelaide. Our trucks are capable of towing all types of cars and vehicles, making sure that we’ll be able to tow your car whatever type and size it may be.
  • Forklift Towing – if you need to move or transport forklifts to another location, our trucks will easily able to do this for you. We have trucks available for moving forklifts, heavy machinery, and other similar equipment that require special towing capabilities.
  • Cheap Towing – at TOW, we believe that top-notch towing services don’t have to cost you a fortune. That’s why our rates are among the most competitive in Adelaide, allowing you to enjoy high quality towing services at prices that are more affordable and accessible.
  • Clearway Towing – we can work with local authorities or other authorised establishments to tow away vehicles in clearway zones or restricted areas. Our trucks are equipped to handle the towing of vehicles of all types and sizes, making us the reliable choice for this service.
  • Tow-away – whether a car is illegally parked in your property or you need to have a vehicle removed from a location as soon as possible, our towing specialists will be able to carry out a variety of tow-away activities for you or the proper authorities.
  • Motorcycle Towing – if your motorcycle broke down or if you need to have it towed to another location for whatever reason, TOW can safely do this for you. Our specialists are trained and experienced in towing motorcycles and similar-sized vehicles, ensuring that you get your motorcycle back in one piece.
  • Container Towing – this is one of our special towing services, involving the proper transport of sheds, containers, and other towable structures. Not all towing companies provide this service. TOW, however, has the equipment and expertise to transport such structures for you as required.
  • Motorcycle Transport – when you need to transport your motorcycle or expensive bike for whatever reason, TOW is the specialist to call. We have the appropriate trucks and equipment to safely transport your motorcycles as well the expert technicians to properly handle and move your valuable motorcycles and bikes.
  • Accident and Smash Towing – not many people know it, but towing vehicles and equipment from accident or smash sites requires specific qualifications and expertise. Our TOW specialists, however, are all trained and qualified for such activities, making our service more flexible and valuable to relevant authorities and individuals.
  • Repo Towing – TOW can work with banks or other proper authorities for conducting a variety of repossession activities. Our technicians will have all the necessary tools and equipment to make any necessary towing operations fast, smooth, and efficient.
  • Breakdown Towing – whenever your car breaks down, the last thing you want is to get stranded in the middle or side of the road with your immovable vehicle. Our 24/7 operations ensures that you’ll always get the road assistance need day or night. And with our tow specialists reaching your location within an hour of calling our assistance, you won’t have to wait too long to get back to safety.
  • Carpark Towing – if your vehicle is stuck in a carpark or an area with difficult access, then our towing specialists may be able to help. Our experts will be able to assess your situation and use any of our extensive range of vehicles, tools, and equipment to safely tow away or bring out your vehicle.
  • Abandoned Vehicle Towing – TOW can work with local councils and other authorised bodies to tow away vehicles that have been marked as abandoned or unregistered. We also have enough holding yard space to properly store and impound abandoned vehicles until they’ve been returned to the proper owner or cleared by local authorities.
  • Transport & Car Freight – when it comes to the safe and proper transport of your car, you need a reliable service that has the experience and expertise for such a challenging task. Rest assured that TOW’s specialists are licensed operators who have the training, skills, and experience to handle your vehicle and transport it to its new location in the same condition that it was picked up in.
  • Trade Towing – if you need to transport trade equipment, heavy machinery, or fragile tools from one worksite to another, TOW’s specialists can do the job for you. We have a range of specialised trucks and towing equipment that make transporting trade equipment and machinery a quick and easy task.
  • Police Impoundment – with six holding yards for towing Adelaide wide, TOW has the space to store impounded cars from police and other local authorities. We can store 116 vehicles in these holding yards and ensure their safety and security until they’re claimed or redirected to another location.
  • Vehicle Immobilisation – depending on the situation, TOW will be able to work with the proper authorities to conduct a variety of vehicle immobilisation activities. Aside from offering clamp services for rendering vehicles immobile, we can also remove clamps and provide clamp replacements as needed.
  • Emergency Towing – TOW’s 24/7 operations and quick, reliable service makes us the ideal choice for emergency towing operations of all kinds. Our 24-hour call centre is always ready to take your call and provide assistance whenever you need it. Day or night, we’ll be able to tow your car and get you back to safety as soon as possible.

Book the Best Provider for Towing Adelaide Wide

If you’re looking for the best tow truck Adelaide specialist, then your search ends with TOW. Operating 24 hours a day every day of the year, we’ll always be there for you to assist in whatever towing or transport service you may need. Not just that, but in most cases, we also guarantee to be in your location within an hour of your call. That means getting a towing service that’s fast, efficient, and effective – just as any outstanding towing service should be.

To make a booking, simply call our 24-hour call centre anytime at 13 88 69. You can also book our tow truck Adelaide service online through our website.

We’re proud to be the leading provider for towing Adelaide wide, and we’re committed to let our service prove to you why.

Our Adelaide local tow truck fleet

Tow connects you to local drivers with a fleet of tow trucks in and near Adelaide.

About Adelaide

Adelaide belongs to the Adelaide City Council.

Adelaide Towing Services

  • Car Towing
  • Accident Towing
  • Smash Towing
  • Breakdown Towing
  • Local Towing
  • Cheap Towing
  • Motorcycle Towing
  • Carpark Towing
  • Transport & Car Freight
  • Trade Towing
  • Emergency Towing

Adelaide towing depots

Tow has access to a number of towing depots and holding yards close to Adelaide operated by our local tow truck driver partners.

These holding yards can securely store towed vehicles, or we can tow vehicles directly to a chosen repairer.

Woodcroft, SA 5162
Verdun, SA 5245

Recent tows in or near Adelaide

  • Towed a CAR 25KM from Manooka Rd, Morphett Vale SA
  • Towed a CAR 43KM from Kurandah St, O'Sullivan Beach SA
  • Towed a CAR 5KM from Gateshead St, Athol Park SA
  • Towed a CAR 23KM from Charlotte St, Smithfield SA
  • Towed a CAR 27KM from B34, Kuitpo SA